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Year 6 pupils Interview Taffy

Interview with Taffy Thomas

“You can’t write a story, if you can’t tell a story” Taffy Thomas


Gracie Yr. 5

Who inspired you to be an author?


My cousin because he could never hear my stories as he was deaf. A man told him that if you tell a story you will never die as your story will live forever.

Bethany Yr.4

How long have you been an author?


I have been an author for around 20 years and a storyteller for around 30 years. I used to eat fire as a circus performer, but at the age of 36 I had a stroke. Storytelling brought my life back.

Josh Yr. 3

Who inspired you to be a storyteller?


My grandfather as he was a soldier in World War One. My grandfather had a word for everyone and everyone always had a word for him.

Taffy told us a riddle can you solve it?

I can take you on a journey without wings, wheels or sails. You may travel better with your eyes closed.