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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 class page!


Teachers: Ms Rufus and Mrs Widdows

LSA: Mrs Dibbert


Welcome Year 5 Children, Parents and Carers,

It is set to be a fun-filled year of activities and learning. Keep checking on to our web page for up-dated photos and information. 

Ms Rufus

VE Day Celebrations 

Seventy five years ago on 8th May, victory was declared in Europe to end World War 2. At the time, spontaneous parties and celebrations took place across Europe as people celebrated the long awaited news they had wished for. The people of Liverpool also celebrated, as the most bombed city in Britain outside of London, there was a lot to celebrate and this year, 75 years on, we want to celebrate once again and show that unique scouse spirit to the world.

During lock down we might not be able to dance in the parks or throw street parties but we can celebrate and commemorate the day at home - from war time recipes, songs and dances as well as activities to enjoy in the safety of your home, there's plenty to do to enjoy VE Day 75 celebrations.

Window Displays

Show your support and display bunting (can be homemade) at home. You can download it and print it off at home - look on Twinkl for some good ideas. Stick it up to enjoy that feel good party vibe! There are also lots of posters that you can download too - just search on google. You can display the posters in your windows alongside the rainbows, or even design your own. 


During WW2 people would listen to music on the wireless (radio) - it  was not just a means of entertainment but a way of uniting people with positive lyrics and upbeat rythms. Popular singers of the time included Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Bing Crosby, The English Heritage have a spotify playlist - why don't you put it on as you celebrate and eat your afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches.


During WW2 food was rationed including many items that we take for granted today. What would your favourite meals be like without butter, sugar, bacon, milk, cheese, eggs or cooking fat? It meant you had to be very creative with your meals at home. Despite VE day, rationing didn't officially end in Britain until 4th July 1954  (9 years after victory was declared). Why not make some war time meals or have an afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches. Maybe try some of these recipes;

- Cauliflower Cheese with bacon 

- Spam hash

- Homity Pie

- Vegetable turnovers

- Eggless fruit cake

- Pear Crumble

You will find all the recipes on google.

Share your history

There are so many resources out there now to help you share your memories, find out your family tree, see what role your relatives had in WW2

Liverpool at War

View the archive images of Liverpool during World War 2.

Home Learning Packs - Please find attached work/activities that you can do with your child should you be required to self-isolate due to the coronovirus. The children do not need to bring this work back into school. Please remember the importance of reading, encourage your child to read as much as possible, as often as possible. Thank you, Ms Rufus

Join the Liverpool iSing Virtual Choir!

Our friends at Resonate Music Hub have created the iSing virtual choir for primary aged children across the city. All you have to do is take a small video / audio recording of yourself alone or with your family singing along to the song "In My Liverpool Home". A video of the the song and its lyrics are posted below along with a short video explaining what to do. Parents please send the short video to by Wednesday 29th April (please include the school's name in your entry).  It would be great to see many of our St Cleopas children in the final video! Have fun and get singing!!


Please watch the instructional video here:


The lyrics and the song can be heard here:

Vincent Van Gogh Birthday