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Year 1-2

Welcome to our Year 1/2 class page.


Class Teacher: Miss L Humphreys

HLTA: Mrs F O'Brien

LSA: Mrs Sheriff

LSA (One to one SEND support): Miss J Bohanna 


You'll be able to find out what we are learning about this year on this page and all the exciting topics that we will be covering. Maybe you can do some research at home for the topics that we are covering.


Homework will be given out every Friday and we would like it to be returned every Wednesday. Spellings will also be given out on a Friday and we will be having a test the following Friday.


Please see timetable for when we have PE and ensure that your child brings in their kit on this day.


I look forward to teaching your children and I'm sure with your support that we are going to have a great year




Miss Humphreys 

VE Day Celebrations 


Seventy five years ago on 8th May, victory was declared in Europe to end World War 2. At the time, spontaneous parties and celebrations took place across Europe as people celebrated the long awaited news they had wished for. The people of Liverpool also celebrated, as the most bombed city in Britain outside of London, there was a lot to celebrate and this year, 75 years on, we want to celebrate once again and show that unique scouse spirit to the world.


During lock down we might not be able to dance in the parks or throw street parties but we can celebrate and commemorate the day at home - from war time recipes, songs and dances as well as activities to enjoy in the safety of your home, there's plenty to do to enjoy VE Day 75 celebrations.


Window Displays

Show your support and display bunting (can be homemade) at home. You can download it and print it off at home - look on Twinkl for some good ideas. Stick it up to enjoy that feel good party vibe! There are also lots of posters that you can download too - just search on google. You can display the posters in your windows alongside the rainbows, or even design your own. 



During WW2 people would listen to music on the wireless (radio) - it  was not just a means of entertainment but a way of uniting people with positive lyrics and upbeat rythms. Popular singers of the time included Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Bing Crosby, The English Heritage have a spotify playlist - why don't you put it on as you celebrate and eat your afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches.



During WW2 food was rationed including many items that we take for granted today. What would your favourite meals be like without butter, sugar, bacon, milk, cheese, eggs or cooking fat? It meant you had to be very creative with your meals at home. Despite VE day, rationing didn't officially end in Britain until 4th July 1954  (9 years after victory was declared). Why not make some war time meals or have an afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches. Maybe try some of these recipes;


Cauliflower Cheese with bacon 

- Spam hash

- Homity Pie

- Vegetable turnovers

- Eggless fruit cake

- Pear Crumble


You will find all the recipes on google.


Share your history

There are so many resources out there now to help you share your memories, find out your family tree, see what role your relatives had in WW2


Liverpool at War

View the archive images of Liverpool during World War 2.


Have fun celebrating VE 75 Celebrations next Friday 8th May.


VE DAY reading book link 'Biff, Chip and Kipper'



Hello everyone, hope you are all ok and I'm missing you already. I have listed below all of the topics we are currently learning about in Year 1/2 and I have provided a number of websites for you to use for resources. I will also be updating this page regularly with more resources and home learning ideas.



A reminder of what are currently learning about in Year 1/2 for this half term.

English - We will be learning about poetry and instructions

Maths - We are currently learning about time

Science - We are currently learning about animals including humans

History - We will be learning about Children 'Then and Now'

DT - We are currently learning about puppets

Easter - We are learning about 'Saints'.


I have listed a number of free websites that you can access below, these websites contain lots of fantastic resources that you can work on at home for all subjects. We can provide an exercise book for your child to write in to record their work. Just copy and paste the web address into your browser.


Useful websites (and login details for your ref where applicable)

Classroom Secrets

This site offers a range of great maths resources for every age group.


Teachers Pet .uk

Teacher’s Pet have created free resource packs for each grade for all subjects



Study Ladder

Mathematics, English, Science and more! A comprehensive program of online educational activities for students aged 4 to 12, mapped to the curriculum


Teachers Pay Teachers
Free Resources for Primary Teachers. Be sure to search for ‘Angela Watson’ and ‘Education to the Core’. This website offers lots of resources for a number of subjects


Teacher starter

Easily download ready-to-use, curriculum aligned teaching resources expertly designed for primary school.



Curriculum aligned teaching resources. Twinkl are offering one month of premium for free in countries heavily impacted. For UK, type in code UKTWINKLHELPS. Twinkl has a vast variety of resources that can be accessed at home for all ages and covering all subjects.



IXL's free 30-day trial is the perfect way for you to explore IXL with your students. This website provides lots of interactive educational games that children can access at home.




Over 900,000 resources for every topic.



Storyline Online

Emmy nominated, Storyline Online, features celebrated actors reading children’s books aloud.



JumpStart is the ideal learning environment for kids with fun educational games, activities, worksheets & lesson plans for all grades.


PBS Learning Media

PBS and your local station have curated FREE, standards-aligned videos and interactives.


Purple Mash

I will be giving each child a copy of their personal login details and they will be able to access a whole range of resources for each topic at home. 



Username: xi96jjqv

Password: snived0442

This is a great geographical and historical look at maps past and present. 


Please use these resources as there are some fantastic activities to help your child.  


Each week whilst the school is closed, I will be updating weekly lessons for most subjects that you can do with your child at home. I will be uploading lesson ideas and resources for you to help your child. Some of you may not have a printer to print off the activities, don't worry if you don't - just use the exercise book provided for your child to write the answers in. The important thing is to have fun with your child whilst they are learning and I hope these resources help you. Stay safe everyone. 

Let's spread some joy to those who are out and about on their daily walks by leaving a picture in our windows for a game of 'I Spy'.


w/c 30th March - Sunshine


w/c 6th April - Easter


w/c 13th April - Animals


w/c 20th April - Flowers


w/c 27th April - Smiley Faces

Hi all, 


Hope you have all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. I had a lovely time with my family and celebrated my dad's birthday. Please see attached the resources for this last week of term. Hope you have a lovely week and a wonderful Summer holidays. Be safe and enjoy it x

RE wc 13th July

Hi everyone, hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Please find attached the resources for this week. Please use a laptop or computer to access them. Have a great week.


Hello all, hope you had a great weekend and had lots of fun. Please find below the resources for this week. Have a great week and don't forget to access from a computer or laptop.

Good morning everyone, hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend celebrating Fathers day with your loved ones. Please find this weeks resources. Please use a PC or laptop to access. Have a great week. 

Good morning all,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and had lots of fun. Please find attached the activities for this week. Please ensure that you use a laptop or computer to access these resources. Have a great week.

Hi all,

Hope you had a lovely weekend and managed to have some fun with your family. Please find this weeks activities (please access from a PC or laptop, not a mobile phone). Have a lovely week.

Hi all, hope you all had a lovely half term and enjoyed the sunshine. Please find the resources for this week (updated daily), please use a laptop or computer to access them as the word and pdfs are not functional on mobile phones. Have a lovely week!

Hi everyone,

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend, please see this weeks resources. Note that we are starting to look at data handling/statistics this week in maths and instructions in English. We will continue with 'children then and now' in history and 'animals including humans' in science and 'saints' in RE. Have a lovely week and please check every day for updated resources.


Please note that the resources are in either word or pdf format and should be easily printed off from a PC or laptop. The documents are not as accessible from a mobile phone device. They are NOT screen shots! I have differentiated for both year 1 and year 2. There are two year groups activities for each day (unless on occasion the activity is the same). Hope this helps.

Hi all,


Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed VE day celebrations. This week we are starting our new history topic 'Children, then and Now' and will be continuing with our new science topic too. We will continue to learn about 'Time' in Maths and 'Poetry' in English. Have a lovely week x

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and managed to have some lock down fun. Please find this weeks activities below (please note that I will be updating daily) Have a lovely week xx
Hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. Please find the activities for this week below (please note that  I am updating these daily, so please come back to check). Have a lovely week x
Hope you all had a lovely Easter Break and enjoyed lots of yummy Easter eggs. I also hope you enjoyed the craft activities that I gave you each day. For this week we will be carrying on with our traditional tales in English and by the end of the week you will have written your very own story. In Maths, we have completed our fractions learning and will be moving onto shape. In history we shall continue learning all about Florence Nightingale (which is very appropriate at these times when celebrating the work of the NHS) and in science you will be finishing off the plants topic. 

Join the Liverpool iSing Virtual Choir!

Our friends at Resonate Music Hub have created the iSing virtual choir for primary aged children across the city. All you have to do is take a small video / audio recording of yourself alone or with your family singing along to the song "In My Liverpool Home". A video of the song and its lyrics are posted below along with a short video explaining what to do. Parents please send the short video to by Wednesday 29th April (please include the school's name in your entry).  It would be great to see many of our St Cleopas children in the final video! Have fun and get singing!!


Please watch the instructional video here:


The lyrics and the song can be heard here:

Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend. This week I will be adding more craft activities for you to do whilst on your Easter break. Hope you enjoy them, love Miss H x

For the next two weeks I will be giving you craft and cookery activities to do over the Easter holidays. Hope you enjoy making them.


COMPUTING - (wc 30th March) See attached document for instructions

SCIENCE (wc 30th March) - See attached activities for this week's science. It's an experiment to do at home - hope you have fun. (please note that worksheet A is for Speed and Strong table, worksheet B is for Fire Table, worksheet C is for Air and X-Ray table and worksheet D is also for X-Ray table).

MUSIC - (wc 30th March) -Keep using your charanga login but also see document attached too.

WELLBEING - (wc 30th March) See attached document providing information on how to keep well.

FRENCH - (wc 30th March) - See document below for french activities at home

HISTORY (wc 30th March) - This week you will be learning about 'How Florence Nightingale improved the conditions at Scutari hospital' - See attached documents for input and work for the children

RE (wc 30th March) - see attached document for this weeks work

D&T (wc 30th March) - Continuing with our puppet theme. We started making finger puppets in class, so here are the templates if you want to make them at home

ART - (wc 30th March) Vincent Van Gogh Birthday

ENGLISH - (wc 23rd March) Please see activities for this week -please note *=Speed table/Strong table and **=Fire and Air table and ***=X-Ray table. Also, please note that for Activity 4 children can act out the story using actions as this will help them to learn the story well.

SCIENCE - (wc 23rd March) - Please note that we are learning about plants and if you are lucky enough to have a garden, please take this time to let the children plant some flowers or fruit and vegetables and these lessons can accompany the practical learning they will gain. If you haven't got a garden then some plant pots on the window ledges will suffice. Please note for the activities A=Speed and Strong Table /B=Air and Fire table and C =X-Ray table. Have fun planting.

HISTORY - We are learning about Florence Nightingale and the children are finding this fascinating - it is a good idea to link the teachings of Florence with what is happening in the NHS at the moment and the importance of washing our hands properly. Please note that for the activities, A=Speed/Strong tables, B=Air and Fire and C=X-Ray

RE - We are learning about the Easter story and I have attached some activities for you to do this week with your child. Please see the attached powerpoin - share it with your child and then the activity afterwards is to sequence the story. Some of the Year 2's might like to write the story themselves in their exercise book.

DT - We are learning about puppets and we have already started making finger puppets in class and have made some fun sock puppets too. If you get a chance then you can make some more sock puppets then have lots of fun making them. I have attached a resource for you to make stick puppets (in line with our Easter story). Have fun!

PE - Why not have a look at Aspire active to keep your child active. See document on how to access it.

Or why don't you get out in the garden and have some fun. Your child could do some exercise on the trampoline (if you have one) run around or practice their ball catching skills. If you don't have a garden then there are plenty of online exercises for children to do, including Jo Wicks (daily sessions on you tube) and Cosmic Yoga (just google this to find it). Make sure your child stays active during this time. 

MUSIC - Your child has already been given a charanga login, but this is an additional activity which is a fun way to spend together through music

In addition to the websites I have given you, please see attached home learning packs which will cover some of the topics from this year. Please see above the packs for Year 1 and Year 2 attached. I have included a SEN pack and a reading pack too for the children in our class. 

Autumn 1 Medium Term Plans

Autumn 2 Medium Term Plans

Spring 2 Medium Term Plan

We enjoyed learning about multiplication

We were making really cool African necklaces

Year 1 are learning about division

We did a really fun experiment - looking at properties of materials

Joseph was enjoying working on his maths

We had loads of fun over the week before we broke up for Christmas