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 Week 1

Plants: seed dispersal 

Watch the clip above. 

Activity: create an animation on your phone/tablet/computer explaining how seed dispersal works.


Week 2

Plants: Photosynthesis

Activity: Create a poster showing what and how photosynthesis works.



Week 1

Mayans: Gods

Research the Mayan Gods

Activity:  Create your own Mayan God. Label your God and describe their qualities.


Week 2

Mayans: Calendar

Research the Mayan calendar and create your own



 Easter story

Week 1

Watch the Easter story on 

Activity: Split your page into Trust and Betrayal, sort the parts of the story into parts that show trust and parts that show betrayal.


Week 2

Judas betrayed Jesus watch the clip

Activity: Create a wanted poster for Judas- include his appearance and crime.