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The Church

Unit 2.5 Why is the church a special place for Christians?

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Christian Concepts
God – Creation – Fall – PEOPLE OF GOD – Incarnation – GOSPEL – Salvation – KINGDOM OF GOD

In this unit pupils will discover the connection between the holy places of the Old Testament (People of God) and the building of places of worship. They will make links between the church building and the gospeL, beginning to understand that the church is a body of people.

The aim of this unit is to:

  • give pupils an understanding of ‘church’ as a holy place and a body of people.
  • begin developing in pupils an understanding of what happens in church and why.

give pupils an opportunity to begin exploring places of worship other than a church.


Key Experiences

To visit the church and meet the clergy.

An opportunity to sense the atmosphere of a special holy place.
Answering the key questions