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Sports & PE


Children have one hour of PE timetabled per week through which we develop the six areas of activity as set out in the National Curriculum

– Dance; Games; Gymnastics; Athletics; Outdoor and Adventurous; Swimming. Sports taught include football, tag rugby, cricket, netball and dodgeball. All pupils take part in a range of tournaments and festivals within school and between other schools in our local area.

Our broad PE curriculum promotes participation in a wide range of different sports that constantly change over the course of the year.

School Swimming Lessons

Learning to swim is also an important focus with weekly swimming lessons for all children in Years 1 – 6 for at least one full term. Swimming at St Cleopas takes place at Park Road Pool. Children’s progress is tracked and the children receive certificates recognising the distances that they are able to swim.

Please see below the guidelines for school swimming. These will ensure that lessons are delivered in a safe manner and also provide the best possible chance of improvement.

Swimming Kit

·        Towel

·        Costume

·        Swimming hat for all children 

·        Medication if required

On swimming day please pack all kit into a bag. You might want to put a plastic carrier bag in the sports bag to wrap up your wet items before putting them into the kit bag. Please do not dress you child in their swim wear underneath school clothes as this can be uncomfortable. Remind your child to bring home their swimming kit bag with the wet items for washing.

Boys – Lycra style trunks are by far the best thing to wear when learning to swim. Swim shorts, if worn, must be above the knee. NO long Bermuda style shorts as these really restrict movement of the legs, add drag weighing the child down, prevent movement through the water and fall off the hips when performing some skills.

Girls – One piece swimsuits.  No bikinis as the can easily become undone or slip off when performing some skills.

Goggles – can be worn but no swim masks. If your child wears goggles please let them know that they may be required to perform some activities (for example water safety personal survival lesson) without goggles. This is important so that children learn to become confident in the water without goggles in an emergency situation.

Jewellery -No jewellery is allowed in the pool.  This is for your child’s own safety as well as for others. It is not acceptable to cover jewellery with plasters.

Medication -If your child has any medical conditions they must tell the class teacher who will let the lifeguards know. If they are required to carry medication, it must be in school in a clear plastic bag with your child’s name clearly marked on it.

Hygiene –All children should use the toilets before swimming. If your child needs to use the toilet during the lesson, they must ask their teacher to leave the pool and report back to the same teacher when they return.

Feet Infections -If your child has athletes foot or verrucas these will need to be treated, but this will not prevent them from swimming. Verrucas will need to be covered with a waterproof dressing and a swim sock. Make sure your child knows how to dry their feet properly especially between the toes, this will help to prevent athletes foot infection.

Parental Viewing -Parents are not allowed to view school swimming lessons.



St Cleopas provide pupils with cycle training offered to all year 5 children.

Sports Day

Every year we organise Sports Days for EYFS, KS1 and KS2. The children will be split into mixed age group teams which fosters a great sense of responsibility and team work and our older pupils will have the chance to rise brilliantly to the task of supporting their younger team members.

City wide sports events

We regularly take part in Liverpool Schools Sports Partnership events. We maintain strong links with community sports at large and promote clubs that our children are able to attend in the local area.