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At St Cleopas we celebrate diversity. Our children have many different strengths and skills and we aim to identify, promote and develop all of them.


During their lives, children may have additional needs, be it to do with their learning, emotions, physical health or mental health; our aim is to identify these needs and support them as best as possible.


At St Cleopas we follow the Graduated Approach to supporting Special Needs: identifying the need, planning how to support it, putting this plan into practice and finally reviewing it. This cycle will continue until it is felt that there is no longer a need. We include both the parents and the children in this plan; parents are invited to meet with the SENCo at least once each term, as we believe it is essential that everybody works together to provide the best support for the child.


In addressing the child’s needs we follow the 3 Wave approach.

Wave 1: ensuring that all children’s needs are considered through Quality First Teaching with the effective inclusion of all pupils in high-quality everyday personalised teaching.

Wave 2: implementing targeted catch up, which may be provided through carefully differentiated work, a teaching assistant giving extra support individually or through small groups, etc.

Wave 3: A deeper intervention offering a more personalised solution, which may include seeking advice/support from external agencies.


By carefully addressing individual needs we aim to ensure that all children at our school will be given every opportunity to achieve their true potential.


We strive to develop the whole child: mind, body, and soul!


SENCo: Ms Rufus

SEN Governor: Mrs Dot Williams

Should you have any concerns which you would like to discuss with the SENCo, please feel free to book an appointment at the office or

Telephone: 0151 727 1725.



SEND Graduated Approach Windscreen



Join our SCORE project


(Set goals, Commit, Optimise asthma control, Reinforce an active lifestyle, Enable to achieve)



Email: or call 0151 2525862

to join up or for more information


              What is SCORE?                                                                                               Can I join?


              Fun, free after school                                                                     Yes if you have asthma

      activities: yoga, music, dance                                                                & aged 6-16 years old.

         football & games in venues

                 across Liverpool.                                                                             Support & guidance

                                                                                                                                 from highly

         Rewards & free days out!                                                                      specialist Alder Hey

         Alton Towers, bowling,                                                                                     team.

             football zorbing,

          trampolining, cinema                                                                            Access to weekend

                     & more.                                                                                             holiday camps.


You can bring a friend or sibling along to activities


Patient quotes:

“It’s a very good place to go,

“I’d give it a 10/10”

you make friends

“it’s very fun to go