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The Role of the School Council

Being a Councillor is a very responsible position. You need to have lots of ideas to help improve the school environment. As a School Councillor you should  listen to everyone in your class. If any child has an idea, you can ask their class to bring it to the council meeting to discuss. The meetings are held every two weeks and each Councillor has their own role. Click the 'Meet the School Council Team 2019' to find out who we are.


A School Council Meeting

Meetings are held every fortnight and each Councillor has to sign an attendance sheet. They also receive an agenda with the minutes from the last meeting. When Keris,  the Chairperson,  reads out the minutes one person has to agree the minutes. They raise their hand and say "I agree". Following this another Councillor raises their hand and says, " I second it". Then the Chair will sign the minutes and this will be in the minutes of each meeting. The School Council then go through the agenda discussing matters to improve the school environment. 

After the meeting Kalem,  our secretary,  puts the signed minutes into the School Council File. Kalem will type up the minutes ready for next meeting and give a copy to the Headteacher to consider our ideas. 

Meet Our Council


Chair Person Deputy Chair Person Secretary



Councillor Councillor Councillor Councillor
Councillor Councillor Councillor Councillor
Councillor Councillor    





Our School Council Interview Head Boy and Head Girl

Daniel O’Brien and Elise Mead


Today we asked Daniel and Elise some questions about their roles as head boy and head girl.


Q1, What is it like being head boy and girl?

Daniel: A responsibility because children look up to you.

Elise: A privilege, stepping up for the head teacher.


Q2, How did you feel when you were chosen to be head boy and girl?

Elise: I felt joyful because it’s a big responsibility and loads went for the role, which I won.

Daniel: Shocked because there were only a few candidates. I also felt sad for the ones that lost.


Q3, What do you say or do as head boy and girl?

Daniel/Elise: Children ask us for advice. We have a responsibility. When visitors come to our school we show them around.


Q4, What do you like the most about your role?

Elise: I like having an important role.

Daniel: I like children looking up to me.


Q5, What would you do if a visitor came to our school and what would you say?

Daniel/Elise: We would great the visitors, show them around our school and introduce them to the staff and prefects.

Did you know?

School Councils have been around for around 40 years, but now with citizenship being taught, there are many more around.

The government says that school councils are important but they aren't forcing schools to have one.

In some countries there are laws which state all secondary schools must have councils. These include:


  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Sweden