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The big transition 

When things change for your child we often refer to this as a transition period. A big transition is when they start a school or nursery for the first time or move between settings.Every experience that your child has is


Every experience that your child has is a learning experience, and you have been getting them ready for school for the past 3 or 4 years but we understand that when the big day comes for them to start school nursery or reception it can be a stressful and worrying time.


Some of the hints and tips in this booklet will help you and your child with any transition but our focus is on supporting you to help your child have a really positive start in school. We know that shared vision and shared understanding of good practice between nurseries, schools and parents helps to support your child during transition.

Where Schools, Teachers, Early Years Practitioners, families and the wider community, work together to develop support systems for a planned and practical response to movement between settings or from home to school, children's learning and development can continue without disruption, and with minimal distress.


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