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Autumn 1-Jesus was special:

This half term we will be exploring:
● What does special mean? 
● Jesus was special. How? Why?
● What made Jesus special?
● Who were the special friends of Jesus and how did they try to follow his teachings?
● How do we make and build friendships?

Key Vocabulary
Jesus, Son of God, friendship, miracle and disciple.

Key Experiences
Discussing Friendship
Relating the feelings and experiences of the characters in the stories with their own feelings and experiences


What do Sikhs believe?

The children will be given an introduction to the basic beliefs and practices of the Sikh faith during year 1.  


Check out our Highlights page for some examples of our learning.


Autumn 2- Christmas: Why do we give and receive gifts?

This half term we will be exploring:

What is a gift?

Does a gift always have to be an object?

Introduce the idea that gifts can also be kind and thoughtful actions – such as helping a friend, giving someone a lift, mending something for a neighbour.

Discuss the children’s experiences of receiving gifts. How does it feel when you receive a gift?

Follow on by discussing what sort of gift was Jesus?

Did God send him wrapped up in a gift box?  Why not?


Poem by Christina Rosetti:-

What can I give Him

- Poor as I am!

If I were a shepherd

- I would bring a lamb.

If I were a wise man

- I would do my part.

Yet what I can I give Him

- Give my heart.



Click HERE to watch our Nativity performance 'Happy Birthday Jesus'.

Check out our Highlights page for our wonderful Christmas Nativity from our superstars in Year 1.

Spring 1- Why is Baptism special?

This half term we will learn:

  • What does it mean to ‘belong?’

  • What is baptism?  Why are some people baptised?

  • Why is baptism special?

  • What is a promise? Where is it kept? How is it kept? 

  • What makes you feel as if you are part of God’s family?

  • How do people of faith welcome new babies?