Welcome to our Phonics page.

Synthetic phonics is taught throughout the school to help children to learn to read and write. Synthetic phonics isĀ a method of teaching where words are broken up into the smallest units of sound (phonemes). Children learn to make connections between the letters of written texts (graphemes, or letter symbols) and the sounds of spoken language.

In our school, we use Monster phonics programme which enables us to teach children effectively in an organised and structured way through daily teaching. The phonics lessons are roughly 30 mins long and are taught daily from EYFS to KS1. Phonics are also taught in KS2, both lower and upper, usually in the form of intervention.

The phonics lessons themselves are fast paced and fun and enables the children to access all the phonemes (sounds) they need to help them to build up their reading skills, which will then enable them to improve their writing too.

Please do ask your children about what phonemes they are learning about daily and think of words using their daily phoneme (sound).

Miss L Humphreys (Phonics co-ordinator)