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Teachers: Miss Charles, Mrs Humphreys,

Mrs Flint, Miss Williams


We will be showing many of our children's activities here on the website. Keep coming back to see the latest!

Santa Post Box 2015 - St Cleopas School

Nursery and Reception post letter to Santa Clause December 2015

Nursery rhyme week stay and play

Thank you to all of our Nursery Parents for coming along to our Stay and play. We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to be a 'fly on the wall' in our phase 1 phonics lesson and that our workshop in the school hall provided you with some good ideas for supporting your child at home as they continue to develop those essential early skills in speaking and listening, reading and writing. If you would like any more support feel free to speak to a member of staff and if you get a moment we would welcome any feedback you would like to share with us on our questionnaire.