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St Cleopas Church Festival of Faith

St Cleopas Church 150 Years Festival of Faith

Join us for a week of celebration

Duration: Sunday 16th - Thursday 30th OCTOBER 2016

Location: St Cleopas Church



Sunday 16th October: Opening Service David Gavin

Tuesday l8th October: L8 Sings / Sailors Chapel Band

Thursday 20th Octtober: Afternoon Tea - Dance Music

Tuesday 25th October Robins Breakfast  With Y Kids

Wednesday 26th October Food Hub With Neil Short

Thursday 27th October: Black Gospel Choire and Youth Band
Sunday 30th October: Sunday Service Bill Bygroves

Robins Breakfast With Y Kids

Event: Tuesday 25th October

Breakfast served 10-:45    -   Event With Y Kids 11 am- ,1pm
This took place annualy - all the poor children of the parish
were given a free breakfast on Christmas day.
In 1924 the numbers of children provided for was 500 by 1930 it was 1,000!