Mental Health and Wellbeing

Like bodily health, we all have Mental Health.

Our mental health can fluctuate throughout our lives and like our bodies, must be be nurtured and cared for.

Being aware of and talking about our Mental Health struggles is one of the best ways to help us deal with it.

At St Cleopas we regularly take part in a number of lessons to raise their understanding of Mental Health.

Ideas For Parents’ Wellbeing
As a parent your children’s wellbeing will always come first, but it’s important to make time for yourself as well. Check out some of these ideas… 

What we’ve been doing in school…

Puppet Show

We all enjoyed meeting Joe the puppet who was feeling sad and low. The children identified common thoughts and feelings that they might share with Joe and they helped him to think of ways he could share his emotions and talk about his feelings at school and at home.

Home Study

P4C Home Study

Tell me about an intervention you don’t like.
I’ll tell you about the intervention I don’t really like is the phone because lots of people and family don’t talk as much about things when they are in company. Many people like being on the phones all the time. So,  put your phones away and have a family discussion what would your invention be and why?  Can you judge a book by its cover
Question of the Day
Every other day, a question for you and your child/children will be posted for you to discuss.  
Tuesday 24.3.2020
Would you rather your only transportation be a donkey or a giraffe?
Picture of the Day Alternative days a picture will appear for you and your child/children to discuss or ask questions. 

An Intervention

Desert island survival activity sheet

How can we live forever

How can we live forever


Philosophy mind map activity

Question cards for conversation practice

Sitting around the table

Space animals activity sheet

What happened to the man in the picture