Our intent in Maths is to produce confident learners who can see and make connections between the different areas of Mathematics. We believe all should achieve their true potential and develop in all areas, including socially, morally, culturally etc.

The implementation of this is through our teaching of the National Curriculum. Maths is delivered daily through quality first teaching in a variety of contexts. We teach discretely, however, we aim to apply this across the curriculum through subjects such as graphs/statistics in geography and science to maximise cross-curricular learning. All maths lessons require children to work fluently and apply this in reasoning and problem-solving contexts which is weave into all our lessons alongside sustaining prior learning. In addition to lessons, children have basic skills sessions to master and embed basics in four operations and arithmetic through schemes such as Fluent in Five.  Our school uses Power Maths as a guide to develop small steps of progression to ensure all learners are working at year group expectations.

Each class is highly resourced through experienced LSAs and HLTAs in each phase. In addition, we value the positive impact of concrete manipulatives which demonstrate key representations and structure and we endeavour to use these in all lessons so that all children can see the mathematics beyond being able to do it. Some of these include: numicon, cuisenaire rods, place value counters, etc. In order to ensure all learners are working at the same pace, our school uses flexible interventions to address misconceptions where children have additional support before the next lesson – this allows most learners to be broadly in line with their peers.

The impact of our design is demonstrated through our recent data. Our progress and attainment is broadly in line with national averages. Our combined measures have been above national average for the last two years and is showing a positive three-trend.  Most importantly, our children leave us entering secondary level as confident and efficient mathematicians, ready for the future.

TT Rockstars

All children from Y2 upwards have a login in for Times Table Rockstars and Numbots and can play interactively to improve their schools. Once children have improved their school, their rock star characters improve their status. Each class in KS2 does this for 3-4 times a week focusing on a times table each week. Each class has display which shows where children are up to in their fluency of times tables, both multiplication and division.

Pupil Voice:


    • Ollie: ‘Before I didn’t know my 3s, 6s and 7s but now I know them. TT Rockstars has helped me because it has made my time quicker and I like it because it is fun and you can see how you have improved.’
    • Lola: ‘I wasn’t confident at all with multiplication and division and I was worried. I just didn’t get them. After TT Rockstars, I became confident because I love the game and the rock avatars. I was a ‘Wannabe’ in September and now I am a ‘Support Act’.’


TT Rockstars – Class Displays

Maths Stay and Play

St Cleopas held a whole-school Maths week with a focus on parental involvement and problem solving and reasoning. Each class used their objectives in Maths that week and created a museum with different stations that children rotated around with their parents.

Year 1 Stay and Play – Fractions

Year 2 Stay and Play – Fractions

Year 6 Stay and Play – Algebra