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Our intent in Maths is to produce confident learners who can see and make connections between the different areas of Mathematics. The implementation of this will be our children confidently solving problems, reasoning mathematically and successfully performing investigations by drawing upon the mathematical experiences and knowledge gained through a rich, broad and exciting Mathematics curriculum. The impact from our mathematical learning at St Cleopas will allow children to deepen their understanding and master key concepts.

TT Rockstars

Pupil Voice:

Ollie, Y3:

'Before I didn't know my 3s, 6s and 7s but now I know them. TT Rockstars has helped me because it has made my time quicker and I like it because it is fun and you can see how you have improved.'


Lola, Y4: 

'I wasn't confident at all with multiplication and division and I was worried. I just didn't get them. After TT Rockstars, I became confident because I love the game and the rock avatars. I was a 'Wannabe' in September 18 and now I am a 'Support Act'.'

TT Rockstars - Class Displays

TT Rockstars - Class Displays 1
TT Rockstars - Class Displays 2
TT Rockstars - Class Displays 3
TT Rockstars - Class Displays 4 Whole-school display

Whole School Curriculum Map

Maths Displays

Whole-School Maths Display

Whole-School Maths Display 1
Whole-School Maths Display 2
Whole-School Maths Display 3

Maths Stay and Play

St Cleopas held a whole-school Maths week with a focus on parental involvement and problem solving and reasoning. Each class used their objectives in Maths that week and created a museum with different stations that children rotated around with their parents. 

Year 1 Stay and Play - Fractions

Year 2 Stay and Play - Fractions

Year 6 Stay and Play - Algebra