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March 2017

Year 4 P4C concept- war, journey, love, family, survival.




What caring question would you ask?

What critical question would you ask?

What creative question would you ask?


Look at this question what is this picture saying? 

Children's responses 

Can the water become lava? Georgia year 6

Should you live before time runs out? Georgia year 6 

What is this meant to be and what is in the bottom? Lea year 4

Can water become water? Keegan year 6 


Is it important to be kind, or important to be honest?


Image result for kindImage result for honesty

Children's responses.

Honest because if you're honest you are kind- Mckenna Y5

Kind and honest, when you're honest you speak best-Keeley Y5

Honest because if you are honest people will think you are kind anyway-Abbie Y5

It's better to be honest than dishonest and people will be kind to you so you should be kind to them.- Lexi Y5

Kindness- Louie Y3