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March 2017

Year 4 P4C concept- war, journey, love, family, survival.



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What caring question would you ask?

What critical question would you ask?

What creative question would you ask?


Look at this question what is this picture saying? 

Picture 1

Children's responses 

Can the water become lava? Georgia year 6

Should you live before time runs out? Georgia year 6 

What is this meant to be and what is in the bottom? Lea year 4

Can water become water? Keegan year 6 


Is it important to be kind, or important to be honest?


Image result for kindImage result for honesty

Children's responses.

Honest because if you're honest you are kind- Mckenna Y5

Kind and honest, when you're honest you speak best-Keeley Y5

Honest because if you are honest people will think you are kind anyway-Abbie Y5

It's better to be honest than dishonest and people will be kind to you so you should be kind to them.- Lexi Y5

Kindness- Louie Y3