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Lexi: in year 5 when i first started to knit, i found it very hard but I kept on going and now its so easy.  At the moment I am knitting breast squares  for the Liverpool Womans' Hospital. They are squares for premature babies, once their mummy's breast feed them they put the square in their bra's then the squares are put in the incubator with the baby to help them bond.

Lexi says: 'Knitting is fun and relaxing'.


Abbie: I was so excited to return to knitting club i just wanted to start making things. As a group we are all knitting the breast squares.

Abbie says: ' Why I like knitting is because you can relax and if you are worried and stressed you sit quietly and knit, it helps you unwind'. 


Shakana: I have just learnt to knit and purl.I look forward to making some gloves for next Christmas.


Shakana says: 'If I was really good and didn't have so many wholes I would be able to teach others, I just need to practise more'.


Kalia: I have just learnt to knit and I think it is exciting to knit.


Kalia says: I am looking forward to making a blanket.


Mrs Berry says: I am so proud of the girls for knitting and look forward to the knit and natter group them keep me entertained.


Image result for knitting quotes