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iSee Maths

Every weekday at 9am, two new lesson will be posted on this page via YouTube: one aimed at children in Y3&4 and another for Y5&6. Each video will help children to build the skills needed for the main task. Then children will complete the main task – a challenge or short series of questions – working individually or with adult support. These tasks can also be downloaded from this page by clicking the relevant links. Answers will be provided! The first videos/tasks will be uploaded on Monday 23rd March.

Underneath each video is a short description of the key calculation skills for each lesson. Children may benefit from practising these skills before watching!


A series of games that can be played with children aged 5-8 will also be shared. The first of these videos will be published here on Tuesday 24th March and I plan to release two of these videos per week. I’ve got some great, easy-to-use games to show.