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W/C: 30th March 2020



Shackleton's Journey - use the video below to write some emotions that the men would be feeling upon their return.Think about the events they will have endured and the hardships they would have faced. Write a diary entry as one of the men to document their time during their hardest times - make sure you use powerful verbs, like the ones we used in class.


Magazine Article:

Use the link above to revise the features of journalistic writing - remember we did this for A Story Like the Wind. Write a magazine article with interviews, reports etc to show what happened as the men arrived back to safety and how the country reacted. 

Challenge: write your article to be published in a travel magazine - think of the technical language and formality. 



Use the website below for daily lesson videos and activities to go with the lesson video. We will have already done some of this in class so to further challenge yourself, try teaching it to someone in your family, create a poster or create your own tasks in a similar style.

L1 - scale factors

L2 - ratio and proportion word problems

L3 - using a protractor

L4 - introduction to different angles

L5 - calculate angles



Check out this website with excellent hands-on activities to demonstrate your learning on our Evolution and Inheritance topic.



Renewable and Non-renewable energy

Use the Bitesize link below to find out about the two types of energy. Can you find any of these energy sources in your home environment? Create a persuasive letter to a local MP to encourage them to fight for more renewable projects in our local area.

You could include:

- introduction (what they both are)

- positives of renewable energy with facts, statisitics etc

- negatives - be dramatic, start your sentence with a positive and immediately give a negative (procession)

- emotional language (planet is being destroyed), modal verbs (could/should), subjunctive form (We demand that..., It request that... )



Who is Jesus to you? What does he mean to Christians?

Create an acrostic poem of his name or one of his promises to show what people believe about him. 

Art: illusions 


In art, we are learning how to use different mediums, perspectives and tricks to create illusions for our audience. Why not try to create a 3D hand illusion focusing direction and stroke of medium.

Picture 1

Geography: Natural Resources


What is a natural resource? What are they used for? How are they made?


This week we are going to explore coal as a natural resource - do you know what it is used for? How do you think its made?

I would like you to research how coal is made, what it is used for and the benefits or disadvantages of it on our planet. Take a look at the two videos below:


Ho!w is coal formed?


Create a model for how coal is formed using cereal:


Create a poster to show your understanding and teach your parents - see if you can post it to our school Facebook page. Have fun!

30 Day Art Challenge - Let's get creative!

30 Day Art Challenge - Let's get creative! 1

Vincent Van Gogh


Use the packs above as a daily workout - complete 2 sheets of each topic: Maths, GPS and Reading. 

Get your parents to check your work using the answers or self-mark. 

If you have struggled with a topic, use the Maths Knowledge Organiser or revision guides to see if you can spot your mistakes. Don't forget the YouTube videos in the Knowledge Organiser which shows you the methods/strategies to answering these questions. 



Use the practical ideas document to see different ways you can support learning at home.