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Please find attached work/activities that you can do with your child should you be required to self-isolate due to the Corona Virus. Please remember the importance of reading, encourage your child to read as much as possible. All children also have their own Purple Mash login where they can access lots of activities.Thank you, Miss Doyle.


Daily lessons with BBC Bitesize!

BBC Bitesize have developed daily lessons on a range of subjects from History and Geography to Music and Wellbeing. Learn different subjects from a host of celebrities including Spanish with Sergio Aguero and the Natural World with David Attenborough! Lessons can be found here by clicking on the relevant year group.


Join the Liverpool iSing Virtual Choir!

Our friends at Resonate Music Hub have created the iSing virtual choir for primary aged children across the city. All you have to do is take a small video / audio recording of yourself alone or with your family singing along to the song "In My Liverpool Home". A video of the the song and its lyrics are posted below along with a short video explaining what to do. Parents please send the short video to by Wednesday 29th April (please include the school's name in your entry).  It would be great to see many of our St Cleopas children in the final video! Have fun and get singing!!


Please watch the instructional video here:


The lyrics and the song can be heard here:


Easter Holidays 


Here are some fun maths based activities including baking, playing, estimating and making. 

There will be two new activities uploaded every day so click on the link below and have fun everyone! 

Vincent Van Gogh Birthday


Every day, Monday - Friday, White Rose Hub are releasing a video with explanations and activities to go with this for children to complete. 

You can complete this in the books that were sent home or on paper.



Daily lessons on the above website.

History 25.3.20 - Live history lesson


9am Monday - Friday, there will be a live workout for school aged children. Keeping fit is very important, both for body and mind.


Newsround -

Child friendly news each day at 9.15am, 12.10pm and 4pm. 

Geography - we're currently learning all about Spain and Catalonia.

Lesson 1

Look at a world map. Can you find the UK? Can you locate Spain? Do you know which continent both of these countries are part of?

Identify Spain’s bordering countries, including the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. Look at the surrounding oceans and seas, and locate the capital city of Madrid together.
Look at the location of the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. Explain that these a still a part of Spain even though they are not part of the mainland.

Lesson 2

Finding out about the physical geography of Spain today. What does this mean? Explain that the term physical geography is used to describe the natural features and landscape of an area or country.

Look at Spain’s coastlines, rivers and mountainous regions. Look at some pictures of coastal areas in Spain, and encourage to describe what they can see with geographical vocabulary. Show these coastal locations on a map. Show the main rivers in Spain and their location on a map. Discuss the physical geography of the river Tagus and the river Ebro, and how they are used differently. Contrast this with pictures of the Pyrenees. Explain that this is a mountain range which separates Spain from France. Show this on a map. Again, encourage to describe what they can see using geographical vocabulary. 

Lesson 3

Looking at the human geography of Spain. What do you think this means? Explain that it is about how humans interact with their environment. It includes aspects such as communities, culture, land use and trade links. Today they are going to explore the human geography of Spain by looking at different aspects of Spanish culture; food, festivals, music and dance, famous buildings and Madrid.

Children could then research and create a powerpoint presentation, poster or leaflet.