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Please do not put any pressure on yourself or your child when using the activities. If they find it difficult then choose another. Enjoy this time together and make learning and teaching each other as fun as possible.

Take care

Ms Porter

Week beg 15th June

Week beg 8/6/20

Week beg 1/6/20

Week beg 4th May

Our activities this week will be based around VE day on Friday 8th May. Any work/photographs you would like me to see please email to


The maths activities for this week are split into year 3 and 4.

To complete the maths tasks you will need to go onto the White Rose Home learning

and into either year 3 or 4. Each day there is a teaching powerpoint to match each task.



This weeks activities:

Week beg 27th April

Join the Liverpool iSing Virtual Choir!

Our friends at Resonate Music Hub have created the iSing virtual choir for primary aged children across the city. All you have to do is take a small video / audio recording of yourself alone or with your family singing along to the song "In My Liverpool Home". A video of the the song and its lyrics are posted below along with a short video explaining what to do. Parents please send the short video to by Wednesday 29th April (please include the school's name in your entry).  It would be great to see many of our St Cleopas children in the final video! Have fun and get singing!!


Please watch the instructional video here:


The lyrics and the song can be heard here:

Week beg: 30th March


 Day 1

Fun 10 minute challenges linked to different authors. My favourite MG Leonard create your own plastic monster/playdoh or whatever resources you have and write a comic strip involving your monster. I will show you mine through the week on facebook!


Day 2 this is an interactive site that provides opportunities to do writing tasks and post up on the site. Again I will do Tuesdays activity and post it up on facebook and you send me yours.


Day 3/4/5

Watch the you tube clips showing The day the Crayons quit and The day the crayons came home by Drew Daywait The day the crayons quit The day the crayons came home

Choose any of the activities below, you would like to do over the three days:

  • Write a new letter from one of the crayons to Duncan
  • Write Duncan's reply-does he think it's fair? What will he do to make the crayons happy?
  • Write a story about a magic multi-coloured crayon- what might happen if a person uses it?
  • Create a poem about the different colours in a pack of crayons
  • Write a story about an everyday object in your home that would like to quit i.e. hoover/washing machine/TV etc



Do daily 10 using everyday

Go to Week 1

Press the year group your child is in.

Y3 Fractions

Y4 Tenths and hundreths

There is a teaching powerpoint and then activity to match what they have been learning.



Please find PDF below called Easter Expert and Jesus' journey



The Egg Drop

Create an investigation to stop an egg breaking when dropping it from a metre height.

Your goal is simple, design and build a system that will protect an egg from a 1 metre (3.3 feet) drop. Eggs that smash or crack fail the test while eggs that survive without a scratch pass!

Which materials supported the egg best?

Did you have to use lots of layers?

Could your egg survive a higher drop?

Think about!

You need to create something that can absorb the energy the egg gathers as it accelerates towards the ground. A hard surface will crack the egg so you have to think carefully about how you can protect it. Something that will cushion the egg at the end of its fall is a good place to start, you want the egg to decelerate slowly so it doesn't crack or smash all over the ground. You'll need to run a few trials so have some eggs ready as guinea pigs, those that don’t survive will at least be comforted knowing they were smashed for a good cause, and if not, you can at least have scrambled eggs for dinner right?

Leo and I will also try this investigation and let you know how we got on!



Use the and try the Hour of Code Dance Party. Follow the input then do the activity.



Design Project: Dragons Den style

Watch the you tube clip 'Shampoo idea'

Talk with your adult about creating something nobody has used. Maybe something to entertain/use during are isolation time at home. Or a new protective mask for doctors and nurses against the coronavirus.

Use a selection of recycable items in your house or plan it on paper as a diagram and record/write an explanation on how it could be used. 

It would be great to see some of your designs and ideas, so message to our facebook page.


Remember to do Miss Sharpe's Van Gogh  birthday challenge on Monday for his birthday.

I look forward to seeing some of the work you have done next week and I will share mine!

Look after each other and I'll see you soon. 

Ms P

Children can use the sites below for interactive learning:


9am Monday - Friday, there will be a live workout for school aged children. Keeping fit is very important, both for body and mind.


Child friendly news each day at 9.15am, 12.10pm and 4pm


Purple Mash ( children have their log in in their folders) This site will cover a lot of concepts in science/computing/history and geography.  this can be used for interactive maths, English and science activities


Pobble 365: every day a new image is shown and the children can continue the story/answer questions and correct grammatically incorrect sentences


TTRockstars to support times tables (Login can be found in your child's home learning folder)


Times tables check


Sciencekids: investigations, activities and information to support the science curriculum has video clips to support learning covers a variety of subject that can be completed online


Transum: daily maths problems



Things to do inside!

Here are just some ideas you could try with your children during isolation:


smiley Create instruments with various items found in the kitchen- pots/pans/rice/pasta etc and explore the sounds they make/how they change/loud or soft sounds etc


smileyRecycle cardboard boxes to create their own world/journeys/houses/boats- have children write a postcard from the places they visit on their adventures


smileyMake your own TV show... film on pads/phones, edit and share with the family.


smileyBake- lots of easy recipes online


smileyMake dens with pillows, blankets etc and use their senses to describe what it is like


smileyCreate art masterpieces using different techniques. Display them as an art gallery and describe what they are, colours you have used etc


smileyScience experiments- lots of easy experiments can be found on pinterest


smileyCreate a story podcast


smileyPlay balloon tennis


smileyLearn origami- lots can be found on You-tube


smileySalt-dough ornaments- recipe for salt dough online


smiley Karaoke concert


smileyDoodling art


smileyYoga for kids (Cosmic Kids Yoga on You-tube)


smileyCross stitching/knitting


smileyMake a family tree


smileyCreate a weather station


smileyCreate a map of your house/garden and have someone find the treasure


smileyPlay and make board games