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Year 2 parents and carers were invited to play fraction games with their children. The morning gave parents the opportunity to see how we teach Maths in St Cleopas. 
Year 2 spent the term looking at different types of breads and pizza toppings and then designing and making their own pizzas. 

Art - Colour Wheels

English - Describing Settings

Year 2 visited parts of their local area such as their local church, train station, streets and shops. They followed directions on a map to the train station, identified human and physical features and look at symbols on maps. They later, in class created a map of their local area. 

Science PVC Survival

Children discussed which were the most and least important things for us to be able to survive. Children had to decide whether they agreed or disagreed with their peers giving reasons.

Division Problems with Cuisenaire Rods

St Cleopas opened its day spa where children learnt about germs and how to stay hygienic, the importance of daily exercising and healthy eating.  

History - Victorian House

We turned the Year 2 classroom into a Victorian House. Children acted out scenes from the past and used lots of vocabulary from the past. 

The Giants Came To Liverpool

The school really enjoyed visiting The Giants at Princes Park in Liverpool. Lots of parents and carers came to watch with their children too.