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Refugee Awareness Workshop

Year 6 attended a workshop at Liverpool Football Club Learning Centre to identify and explain the differences between people who were migrates, asylum seekers and refugees. The children also learned about the plights and hardships in lives of others who come from countries in distress or from those who are looking for better prospects. We had a great time and are more aware of the differences that others face.


Take a look at the pictures below.

Refugee Awareness Workshop

Coal miners - report for duty!

In Geography this half-term we are learning about natural resources, where they are found, how they are extracted and how Britain uses them. To demonstrate how coal is formed we created a text-map and created a model of the different earth layers before coal can be found. We used these models to write guides and explanation texts on how coal is formed from fossils and used to produce energy for today.

Using cereal to model how coal is formed:

We had a VISITOR!

Year 6 had Eden (Mrs Widdows) come in and visit - she came in to complete a university study and gave us a speech about aiming higher and our 'Going for Goals' topic. Eden told us about university and the different options into Higher Education.

We completed an activity to understand her degree, Economics, and created a class debate for our country to give funding to the different areas, e.g. Education, Health, etc. 



Year 6 had Chaplin Sarah in to demonstrate how a Eucharist service is completed. She shared the key messages of Eucharist and what Christians believe. We had some bread and wine and remembered Jesus and reflected upon the themes of thankfulness. 


Maths - Stay and Play

Year 6 held a Maths Stay and Play morning to invite the parents to come and see how we do maths in school and how we can make any topic fun... EVEN ALGEBRA. 


We had different stations set up in the hall and we rotated around each station with our parents to show them how it's done - we even set them some algebra challenges.

Maths - Stay and Play

Choose Respect Week - Internet Safety

Year 6 Journalistic Writing

This half term we are studying journalistic writing and at the end of the unit we will be writing our own newspaper articles based on Neil Gaiman Hansel and Gretel.


Take a look at our HOOK lesson using a video from Literacy Shed - the scene from the video came alive in our classroom. We used the clues in the room to make inferences and predictions, determining what the event could have been. 

DT Investigating Mechanisms