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Y5L are learning how to play the Ukulele each Friday and are thoroughly enjoying learning about the different parts of the instrument and how each string helps us play a unique sound. Keep an eye out for a video of us rocking out!

Negative Numbers


We used manipulatives to demonstrate the structure of counting in negative numbers, showing it on a number line and finding the difference between positive and negative numbers. 

Numbots - we use this game to help us with our additive facts

VE Day Celebrations and Classroom Display


We have explored what VE Day is and how it is important in our country and understanding of what it means to be a British Citizen. To celebrate this, we use printing as a technique and currently vibrant, colourful prints of poppies in different styles. We also got dressed up, too - look how great we look.

Can you guess what our new book is about from these objects?

Science - Making Parachutes and Pulleys

A Visit from Park Palace Ponies