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World Museum - Japanese Art Exhibition

Crime and Punishment - St George's Hall

Year 6 Mental Health Awareness

Year 6 were invited to Anfield Learning Centre to take part in a session focussed around building awareness of mental health. 

Children explored all types of mental health, including positive and negative. They discussed different types of mental health and discussed managing strategies to cope with our feelings. We wrote our worries and fears and made paper aeroplanes to release our anxieties away. 

Maths Mastery

Year 6 have explored addition and subtraction using rods. We have explored problems with one and two unknowns and identified the key concepts in understanding mathematical structures. We will progress this to looking at how we can draw these models to reveal the structure of a problem. We begin with using number bonds to 10 to show relationships between problems with one or two unknown values. 

Year 6 English Immerse - A Story Like the Wind

We are studying a book called A Story Like the Wind. We set some of our classroom up with clues to make predictions. We had to infer from the objects and make connections between them. Can you make a prediction of how these items are connected? Can you summarise a short story that might involve all of the items?

Take a look at our Harry Potter themed behaviour display.

In class, we have a behaviour wall with mirrors. Our aim is to identify children (or should we say wizards) who are responsible for three key themes we value in our class: Good Actions, Good Choices and Progress. Children will move their picture to the behaviour display and will be representative for the class as model wizards who show exemplary behaviour.


Can you be the wizard on the wall?