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Visit from Chaplain Sarah 14th Feb 2019

In R.E Year 1 have been learning all about baptism. We had a special visit from Chaplain Sarah who demonstrated what happens during a baptism ceremony, the children got involved to help re-enact this special celebration. Thank you Chaplain Sarah!

Maths Stay and Play 13th Feb 2019

It was great to see so many parents at the year 1 maths stay and play morning! The children had a fantastic time playing lots of different fractions games, applying all of the knowledge they had learned about fractions!

Multiplication - practical activities to make arrays 24th Jan 2019

In maths we have been looking at using arrays to help us understand multiplication. We used cheerios and cotton buds dipped in paint to help us answer some tricky multiplication questions!

Science - sorting materials 10th Jan 2019

In Science we have been learning about everyday materials, children have really enjoyed discussing the properties of lots of different objects and trying to figure out what they are made from. In this lesson we sorted the objects according to the material they are made from. We found out we already knew a lot about materials!