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In Geography are intent is to develop the children’s interest in a variety of physical and human environments in the wider world by expanding horizons out of the local community. The implication of this will mean the children have a number of opportunities to use a range of investigative and problem-solving skills inside the classroom which are rooted in each topic area the study.  The impact of these skills will mean our children have: a better understanding of the world they live in; understand the impact the decisions they make have on their world and are fully equipped to travel and investigate the places they visit. 



Please see below some useful websites that you will be able to access for online home learning;


Firstly, a reminder about what your child will be learning about in Spring Term in geography;

Year 1- Let's go to the Arctic

Year 1/2 - Let's go on Safari

Year 2 -  Let's go to the Jungle

Year 3 - Paris Today

Year 3/4 - Exploring Madagascar

Year 4 - Spain and Catalonia

Year 5 -  Investigating Rivers

Year 6 - Natural Resources


There a number of websites that you can access, which provide lots of free resources to help your child at home.

Please see the following:


Twinkl have a range of useful resources and are currently offering free access to subjects at the moment, using code - UKTWINKLHELPS



Planbee have a great selection of resources available that that cover all of our geography topics



TES are a trusted source, containing lots of powerpoints and activities that cover all of our geography topics.


BBC learning

Although the site is no longer available, there are still some really good resources, including video clips etc on the site covering a range of geographical topics.


National Geographic Kids

Really useful website offering lots of fantastic geographical resources


Nature Detectives

A useful website and a lot of the activities can be done in your garden. 


Geography Games

Geography gaming


Blue Peter Badges

If you have a stamp and a nearby post box, this is a great website.


Purple Mash

This website offers a whole range of topics  (including history) and lots of interactive games and activities. Each class teacher has individual login details for every child in their class (please ask the class teacher).






This website is a fantastic resource for both geography and history as it allows you to look at different versions of maps, including historical maps too.

Geography Progression

Have a look at some of the fabulous work we have done in Spring 1 term

Some of the fabulous work we have done in Autumn 2 term

Some of the fabulous work we have done in Autumn 1 term