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Through English, we want to inspire children to be enthusiastic, lively, creative writers, with an innate desire to read for pleasure.

Children will experience an abundance of quality, engaging texts that stimulate children to write in lessons; delivered by teachers with excellent subject knowledge, that motivate children to achieve their potential.

We want our children to have a deep understanding of how our language works, enabling them to make choices and have greater control over their writing.

We aim to equip our children with the skills they need to use Standard English confidently and effectively throughout their school career and into their lives beyond school.

English Policy

Home Learning Packs - Please find English work/activities that you can do with your child should you be required to self-isolate due to the coronovirus. These are in addition to work provided by teachers on your child's year group page. The children do not need to bring this work back into school. Please remember the importance of reading, (Encourage your child to read as much as possible, as often as possible- asking them questions along the way), Spelling (Practice makes perfect!) and writing (They can put their grammar knowledge into practice!) Keep safe and be well. Thank you.

Talk For Writing project

Read to Write

Read to Write Overview and Reading Spine

The Writer's Hub allows us to share great writing from across the school. Enjoy!

Y6: Letters of love and support for the older members of our community.

World Book Day Whole School Bedtime Story