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Communicating Green Dreams

This is a very important part of our school curriculum and approach to helping our children become citizens of the 21st Century. We look to involve the children in understanding their past (where they come from), what we are doing now (our world) and where we are going in the future (global links).

We have links with five European countries including France, Spain, Southern Ireland, Finland and Germany. We are part of Connecting Classrooms with Sub-Saharan Africa (Communicating Green Dreams) which links us with eight other schools in Liverpool, Zimbabwe and Nigeria and we also have a link with China. This has been invaluable in helping us learn about how to improve our maths teaching while we have been able to share how we teach the Arts and Science. We are hoping to visit Shanghi in June next year.


Every day we look at the outside world through our curriculum - Barnaby Bear has been to Hong Kong, Ghana and Canada! We have story tellers from Chinese and African cultures and each year, Year 4 have the opportunity to learn to play International music on the Ukulele.  All children in the school learn French and we regained accreditation as a Centre of Excellence for French in March 2015. We have had visitors from all over the world including America and each year we have two visiting French teachers. 


Eco-schools  and Fairtrade are another aspect of our learning. We know we have much to give, but also much to learn from other countries and we are very excited about our opportunities to do this. Last Year 42 children visited France and 8 teachers visited Malawi, Ghana, Ukraine, Canada and Spain. We are so lucky and intend to continue this wonderful work!

We have now had staff visit Finland, and Bavaria! They loved their time there and have made great links - look at our pictures in Latest News! In May Miss Carden, Mrs Pinnington and Mrs Widdows are headed off to our latest Comenius visit and later that month Mr Fitzgerald, Mr Conn and Mrs Berry are going to Zimbabwe...we can't wait to learn about their experiences. Our Chinese partners have visited us twice now since April 2014.

Our global curriculum explores all aspects of Geography and History of countries from around the world. Not only does this deepen the children's understanding but it all promotes acceptance of other cultures as well as Britain's place and responsibility in the world. It prepares children for a future where the jobs available will be very different from today and gives them the opportunity to be innovative and creative.