Collective Worship

Autumn 1: Friendship


This half term our collective worship value is FRIENDSHIP. Here you will find some examples of our adult and child led worship and the activities we have completed.

Take a look at this video for our first collective worship from Sian:

Autumn 2


SERVICE – what does the word mean to you? How can we celebrate the service of other people?

What does it tell us about that person?


We are exploring different ways people have served each other for the greater good of community and where service can be seen in the Bible and reflect upon this.

Summer 1 Trust

Trust is the basis of all stable relationships, including a person’s relationship with God. It is rooted in truth, and will grow through consistent experiences of reliability and integrity. God’s commitment to humanity is seen in his willingness to trust ordinary people with the carrying out of his purposes through history.



● How do we show children in practical ways what it means to have trust in others?

● How can we demonstrate sensitively the repercussions when trust is broken?

● Which role models can be presented during this time that will show different kinds of trust that work in our school community and in the wider world?


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