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Christmas. Journey to Bethlehem

Unit: 2.7 Christmas. The journey to Bethlehem

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Christian Concepts
God – Creation – Fall – People of God – INCARNATION – Gospel – SALVATION – Kingdom of God The journeys made to Bethlehem by various people emphasise both the incarnation, Jesus, God born as man and salvation, Jesus, the messiah, saviour of the world.


The aim of this unit is to:

Explore the Christmas story through the journeys to Bethlehem made by Mary and Joseph and those who travelled to visit the Christ child.

Key Experiences

Hearing and retelling stories of Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and the wise men.

Discussing the feelings of the characters and writing poems.
Making the connection to God’s big story and the Old Testament prophesy.

​​​​​The First Christmas


Year 2 retold the story of Jesus' birth.

The Shepherds.

Godly Play

The Three Wisemen