At St Cleopas we will provide and help children master a wealth of art skills, appropriate to their age and ability, including drawing, painting, 3D, collage, printing (including ICT) and textiles. Through developing these skills, children will feel confident when applying and experimenting enabling them to become independent and creative thinkers. Children will be exposed to a variety of artistic experiences, which are highlighted in our Curriculum Entitlement Document including visiting art galleries and researching artists from a range of times and cultures.



Each year group teaches Art and Design on a weekly basis, three half terms a year. During this time, children are taught all key skills. They are revisited and built upon each year so that progression is evident. Work is celebrated through class displays and a yearly whole school art gallery where parents are invited to view and purchase children’s work. There is also weekly afterschool art clubs for Key Stage 1 and 2.



Children are becoming more creative and understand how to use a range of techniques in a confident way. Children are using more artist vocabulary and evaluating their own and other artist’s work more confidently. St Cleopas believes that The Arts provide children with unique, engaging and crucial experiences in the curriculum helping them develop as a whole child and reach their full potential. It’s crucial for children to have their own voice and have the confidence to express themselves without feeling that there is a correct answer which is why Art and Design is of central importance at our school.      



Advent Art Year 6

Art Club 2017 – 2018 – Klimt inspired collage

Distorted Portraits Year 6

Sea Theme Corridor inspired by artists