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Week 3

Flying high.

This week we explored symmetry, shape and positional language. We all made kites. Here are some few activities to support your learning at home.

Short Straw traditional game

Choose a straw (straws must be different lengths). Encourage children to compare sizes and whoever has the short straw wins. You can adapt this game by hiding the straws in a tray of sand, leaving the ends of the straws on show. Ask the children whether they can guess which one will be the shortest. The children can then pull the straws out one at a time. 

Make a straw necklace.

Encourage your child to use their fine motor skills  by first of all cutting straws into small pieces. Discuss length and ask the children to count how many pieces. Then, provide your child with some string/wool and ask them to thread the straw on to create a necklace. Lots of time for mathematical language!

Peppa Pig - Flying A Kite (full episode)

Peppa, Mummy, George and Daddy have all gone to the park to fly a kite but when it's daddy's turn the kite gets stuck in a tree. Daddy tries to get the kite but breaks the branch and falls into the mud, splashing everyone. It all becomes a bit of muddy fun.