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Summer 2- Friendship

The pre school children are all beginning to think about their transition into 'big school' in September and over the next few weeks our R.E. theme will help us to consider the issues of 'friendship'.

What is a friend?

How do we make friends?

How do we choose friends?

What makes a good friend?

Why are friends important?

How does it feel when we have no friends?

Why do we trust our friends?

We discussed the story the rainbow fish and how his actions at the end of the story showed that he was a true friend.
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Thank you to all the children who have shared their special books about friendship.
We looked at friends from films and stories. Can you talk with your child about what was special about the friendship of Mickey and Minnie mouse and if you can think of any others we would love to hear your ideas?
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We made pasta bracelets for our friends and chose who to give them to.
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