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Gravity Investigation

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Last lesson, we put what we had learnt about thermal conductivity to the test. We investigated whether different materials were good insulators (and therefore bad conductors) or bad insulators (and therefore good conductors). We found that the metal cup was one of the best conductors and the cardboard cup was one of the best insulators. We had a great time warming our hands!

In Science we are learning all about the properties and changes in materials.

So far we have learnt the difference between mixtures (reversible change) and solutions (irreversible change) and had a great time trying to filter a mixture of mud and water. We used different materials as filters in out investigation and discovered which filtered the mud out of the water most effectively. 

Filtration Investigation

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Filtration Investigation 2
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Filtration Investigation 5
We found that the filter paper and the jay cloth were the most effective materials to use as filters.
We also investigated reversible and irreversible changes and looked at a few examples of both. The children were fascinated by the irreversible solution of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda which produced carbon dioxide causing the balloon to inflate! We melted chocolate over a candle and melted and froze ice pops as well as toasting marshmallows- yum!
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