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R.E and PSHE

This encompasses RE, PE and Health Education & Citizenship.  This area of the curriculum focuses on the need to develop children’s physical, spiritual and moral understanding.  It also endeavours to make the child more aware of the need to live a healthy lifestyle and the need to become an active citizen.


Through RE the children are laying the foundations that will provide them with a basis of understanding and acceptance of others.  We try to help them to grow into responsible and caring adults. RE is taught in accordance with the Diocesan  agreed syllabus but parents do have the right to withdraw their children from these lessons or from the daily acts of Collective Worship should they wish to.



Through Health Education and Citizenship, the children focus on four areas:
Personal development – to develop confidence and responsibility so that children make the most of their abilities.
Active citizens – to prepare children to play an active role in society


Health and Safety – to encourage children to lead healthier and safer lifestyles; through this we teach awareness of drugs. This is covered in each year group throughout the school and full details are available in the policy at the school office or on the school website.


Relationships – to ensure children respect the differences between each other and develop good relationships.

Health Education encourages the children to develop safe and healthy attitudes towards their own lives. We ensure that Safeguarding messages are taught explicitly throughout the curriculum and are displayed prominently in our school.
The Governors have agreed that at St Cleopas we should offer a programme of Sex Education. This will be appropriate to the children’s age and experience and will be presented within a moral, family-orientated Christian framework. A copy of the Sex and Relationships Policy is available from the school office.


Through PE, children have the chance to learn about their bodies in a fun and challenging way; they learn about its capabilities, potential and limitations.  PE offers the opportunity for our children to be creative, co-operative and competitive by taking part in a wide variety of activities.  Ultimately, it is about promoting a positive attitude and helping children to make their own choices about how to get involved in physical activity. We run before and after school clubs at no cost to parents to enhance the opportunities for children.