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This term Year 2 are working on their athletic skills. We are looking at how to use space more effectively as well as taking part in team and individual activities. 

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Autumn 2

This half term we are working on our throwing and catching skills. We are also working on team games which involve passing and finding good space. We will be learning the rules of, and practicing our skills, playing tag rugby.


Keep ball

Keep ball 1
Keep ball 2
Keep ball 3
Keep ball 4
Keep ball 5
Keep ball 6
Keep ball 7
Keep ball 8
Keep ball 9
Keep ball 10
Keep ball 11
Keep ball 12

Finding space and passing

Finding space and passing 1
Finding space and passing 2
Finding space and passing 3
Finding space and passing 4
Finding space and passing 5
Finding space and passing 6
Finding space and passing 7

Race to the nest

Race to the nest 1
Race to the nest 2
Race to the nest 3
Race to the nest 4
Race to the nest 5
Race to the nest 6

Rugby stuck in the mud

Rugby stuck in the mud  1
Rugby stuck in the mud  2
Rugby stuck in the mud  3
Rugby stuck in the mud  4
Rugby stuck in the mud  5

Autumn 1

This half term in Year 2 we have been thinking about balances and movement in gymnastics. We have travelled in a variety of ways, used apparatus to move and balance and practiced our rolls! 


Gymnastics 1
Gymnastics 2
Gymnastics 3
Gymnastics 4