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The underlying principle of Philosophy for Children (P4C) is for children and young people to experience rational and reasonable dialogue about things that matter to them and their teachers. All participants work together in a ‘community of enquiry’. The aim for each child is not to win an argument but to become clearer, more accurate and more aware of other arguments and values before reaching a conclusion.



Today we watched a short film called 'The present'. Concepts- friendships, hope, diversity, perseverance, kindness.

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The community enquiry was discussed in two sessions. Our first session we made a concept line 'What we thought was easy to do' to 'What was difficult to do'.

We chose words associated with the film which generated questions. We had some reflection (private time) then shared our ideas with our pairs. Once the question was formulated and aired we chose the question which would form dialogue between the class community.

In our second session, we set out our ground rules and concentrating on being caring and collaborative thinkers.  We  played a small game to mix the class up called 'fruit bowl'. We then had a small discussion and activity 'Question the Question'. From this session w generated more concepts such as bullying, unfair, standing up for others.

We changed the question through discussion and Connie had the first word which started the dialogue so everyone built on the ideas.  

Faith had the last word and summarised the enquiry. Then all children added the last word to the working wall and then evaluated the enquiry using the caring and collaborative thinking criteria. 

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We begun our session using critical thinking to sort images according to the labels 'fair', 'sometimes fair' or 'less fair'. Our P4C stimulus was the image of Cinderella scrubbing the floor. This helped us to think about the key ideas in the picture and develop some wonderful philosophical questions. We then voted for which question should be explored further in our enquiry.

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