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Being unique and special


We  read two great books about being special and unique. Just like the fish in the story, we too are diverse in our class. 

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Children's responses and reflection:


Amelia: reflecting on the story- Sometimes the fish were sad but more of the time they were happy.

Matthew: I am special because I sleep in my own bed.

Malayah: I am special because me and my sister are pretty.

Mollie: I am unique and special because I can dress myself.

Alfie: I am special because I go shopping.

Emma: I am special because I eat Broccoli and cabbage

Mason: I am special because  I help my mum brush up and clean up.

Julia: I am special because I can speak three languages.

Lucie: I am special because I can remember lots of things


Philosophers of the Day:


Julia and Mollie

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