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Parent Involvement 



Benefits of parental engagement:

 Parental engagement has a large and positive impact on children’s learning. This was the single most important finding from a recent and authoritative review of the evidence: Parental involvement in the form of ‘at-home good parenting’ has a significant positive effect on children’s achievement and adjustment even after all other factors shaping attainment have been taken out of the equation. In the primary age range the impact caused by different levels of parental involvement is much bigger than differences associated with variations in the quality of schools. The scale of the impact is evident across all social classes and all ethnic groups. (Desforges 2003). It is therefore a priority to identify interventions that are effective in supporting parental involvement. 




Dear Parents,

I am writing to inform you that St Cleopas is reintroducing Maths Monkey, as part of our continuing programme of raising standards across the curriculum; we believe this will be beneficial to all children.

We are sending out Maths Monkey home each night with a different child. Your monkey has a name attached inside the bag.

The maths monkey is an intervention for parents and children to engage in maths through games. This will have an impact on your child’s understanding of maths and will be fun.

We have included a diary for you and your child to write - what you liked and disliked about the game. All the instructions are there and all the pieces to play the game.

Please help us to help your child enjoy maths. We love to hear what you have been doing.

Bright Smiles