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Massage in schools

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Miss Williams has qualified as a massage in schools instructor and hopes to begin peer massage sessions throughout the EYFS and then offer parents the opportunity to come and learn some massage techniques to use on children at home.

Further information will follow including photos of the children engaged in these sessions, watch this space.

The children have started to learn the six massage strokes and have been working together with a partner.

The pre school children are all very confident at our daily massage sessions. We would like to remind all Mum's/Grandma's that they have the opportunity to come into Nursery for their Mother's day massage treat on Wednesday 22nd March at 9.00am.

Thank you to all our wonderful Mum's for coming in to the Nursery to receive their special Mother's day massage. We hope you enjoyed your treat and hope that you can practice our massage strokes at home. I look forward to hearing your feedback and if anyone would be interested in any further sessions.

Miss Williams