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Today we looked at two animals and decided which animal they would rather be and why. Example: I'd rather be a horse than a penguin because I don't like to water.


Rainbows responses are: 

Theo- I'd rather be a dolphin than a dog because I don't want to run around all day.

Bella- I'd rather be a songbird than a rhino because they have lovely voices and sing all the time.

Lucie- I'd rather be a cat than a crocodile because I don't like to swim and sharp teeth.

Josh- I'd rather be a whale than a rabbit   because I can't jump

Faith- I'd rather be a cat than a lion because I like to drink milk and water,

Ivy- I'd rather be a horse  than a sheep  because I like to eat Hay

Sereana- I'd rather be a chicken than an eagle  because can lay eggs

Aiden- I'd rather be a dolphin than a monkey because I can swim and jump

 John P- I'd rather be a bat than a snake  because  I like flying

Oliver- I'd rather be a spider  than a bee because I can spin webs

Nykais- I'd rather be a rabbit  than a whale because I like to eat carrots.

Julia-I'd rather be a fish  than a penguin because I don't like to jump in the water

Rosie - I'd rather be a bee than a horse  because I like to give people honey

Kiyah-I'd rather be a parrot  than a pig because parrots fly around and pigs roll in the mud and I don't like to get dirty

Frankie-I'd rather be an owl  than a shark because I can fly

Malayah- I'd rather be a cow  than a  tiger because cows make milk for people to drink and be healthy and have white strong teeth.

Sia-I'd rather be a sheep  than a spider because sheep eat grass

Hope-I'd rather be a fish  than an eagle  because fish can swim like me

Mark-I'd rather be an elephant than a chicken because elephants drink water through their trunks

Olivia-I'd rather be a penguin  than a fish because you can get in and out of water

Sasha-I'd rather be a girl  than an a monkey because girls can wear bobbles in their hair.


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