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Jasper's beanstalk

We read the story Jasper's beanstalk and talked in pairs about what was happening. We sang a days of the week song and planted 5 of our own special magic number beans. We talked about what beans need to grow and how with water, sunshine and care our beans might start to change. Each day we will look at the beans to see if they begin to sprout. Why don't you have a grow at planting your own beans over Easter?
We watched a time lapse video about how a bean grows and talked about what we could see. We then played a game curling up on the carpet like a small bean as Miss Williams sprayed us with water and we gradually started to uncurl and stretch up using our arms to represent the leaves sprouting.
In the outdoor area we continue to explore planting opportunities and have fun playing in the compost. What great gardeners we are becoming!

Bean Tim-Lapse

Still image for this video