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English skills are taught throughout the school during English lessons and also through the teaching of other subjects across the curriculum. The English lesson focuses on speaking and listening, spelling, grammar, punctuation, reading comprehension and writing skills-including handwriting.

School currently follows Local Authority English plans to support coverage of a wide range of skills and provide opportunities to apply learning in reading and writing.

Children are taught through whole-class modelled reading and writing and guided smaller group sessions led by the teacher and teaching assistant. Our aims are to develop children’s abilities to communicate effectively in speech and writing and enable them to become enthusiastic and responsive readers. Guided reading books are carefully graded to ensure progression of skills.

EYFS has daily phonics and writing opportunities through dedicated lessons and explored through continuous provision.

Children in Key Stage 1 concentrate on learning to read, word building and phonics, whilst exploring writing opportunities though a range of genres.

Phonics is also an important part of learning to read, write and spell. Phonics sessions are held each day in the age groups of Nursery through to Year 2. We use the programmes of Letters and Sounds with additional support from Jolly Phonics.


In Key Stage 2, the focus shifts to text appreciation and study of author’s style and purpose in reading and extended writing opportunities through a range of genres.

We use Collins Big Cat reading scheme and all children are provided with reading books to take home. These are matched to individual ability and parents can help their children by being willing to share and discuss books each night. We expect parents/carers to support reading development by ensuring that ‘home reading’ is completed each night. We also have a dedicated library which is used for reading books for pleasure and research opportunities.


Where additional needs have been identified, the children work with a specialist teacher, Higher Level Teaching Assistant or Learning Support Assistant through intervention programmes. These are Toe by Toe, Spelling Made Easy and Project Code X. Please talk to the teacher about any worries or concerns you have about your child's

reading - it is one of life's great pleasures!


English: Genre Overview

Tips on reading with your child.

We enjoy reading and singing during Collective Worship!

We enjoy reading and singing during Collective Worship! 1

Reading at Mersey Parks Residential and Nursing Home

Reading at Mersey Parks Residential and Nursing Home 1