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English Overview: Y5

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This half term we have been learning all about poetry and the features of poetry. Last week, we felt inspired to read and write poems about Remembrance Day. Here is a beautiful example from Carl-

The Poppies in Flanders Fields


A long time ago

in Flanders Fields

for those who fell,

day by day the Poppies

grow in the barren

fields of death


Every day watching

Their men die

beside them grow the sign

commitment of their soul

and life in Flanders Fields


End of the war

your brothers lie row

on row sorrow

to your soul the mother

Poppy grows in remembrance


                                                                       by Carl Mullings Y5

In English we have been learning about writing instructions. Before we wrote our own we tested some recipes for making Fifteens (a Northern Irish cakes). We evaluated them all and followed the best instructions to make the cakes- they were delicious!

Evaluating Instructions