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Creative Development

In Art, Music and Dance children are provided with further opportunities to stimulate creativity and imagination.


We approach this by splitting classes into groups of 15 and having a Creative Enhancement afternoon once a week. Years 1-3 on Monday and Years 4 -6 on Wednesday. Celebrations of learning are held each half term and the children benefit in 6 weeks of learning:


Through music, children are actively involved in performing, improvising, composing, listening and appraising through the whole- school Charanga scheme.  They all have access to a range of musical instruments, and we are raising money to fund new instruments for the children to learn to play.  The children take part in weekly singing assemblies and are given the opportunity to join the school choir.  The school choir are promoting their status within the wider community, and take part in events in the local church, pensioners home and the Liverpool Cathedral.


Through Art, children use colour, texture, pattern and different materials and processes to communicate what they see, feel and think. We place great importance on displaying children’s work around the school and on visiting galleries to study the work of other artists.


Through Dance, children learn to express themselves and work in cooperation with others. They interpret music, topics and perform to an extremely high standard in performances and festivals throughout Liverpool


Through Cookery (Science AT1), children understand how food is grown on our own school plots, work with an experienced chef and create their own healthy recipes


Through ICT – creative writing and publishing is brought to life with animations, blogging, use of radio station and iPads


Through Drama, children discuss their experiences,  look at characterisation, puppets, mask making and working together to perform.



As a Centre for Excellence for the teaching of French we are lucky to have the support of an extremely experienced teacher, Mme Vicars, our assistant Aurolie and our coordinator, Monsieur Conn. All staff are trained in speaking in French and the children have lessons twice weekly. This is followed up by informal teaching of songs, reading of words and celebrations in French (our 2012 Harvest Festival is a good example of this).


Children in Years 5 and 6 have the opportunity to visit France and we have established links with many countries and school overseas – please see our website for more details and be prepared to say ‘bonjour’ when you visit us!